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10 Years Married!!!

October 29, 2016 marked the day of our 10th Wedding Anniversary. 10 years of marriage, however, we have been TORMENTING each other for over 19 years!

You+I = We officially October 29, 2006

Our Wedding Day included...

A stereo scam, a pawn shop, running in the rain, a random witness we pulled in from the street, an officiant who married us while she speedily ate her lunch, a call from a crazy lady trying to stop our wedding, a nightclub, a gondola ride, and more running in the rain.

I was pregnant so our meal was a brownie sundae and hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Our wedding dance was almost two weeks the shower...naked.

Untraditional, but typically us.

I look forward to lame jokes, chicken wings, listening to Delilah, and importantly, TORTURING each other for the rest of our lives.

May the force be with you and your hobbit friends on your journey to see and destroy all my horcruxes.

I love you. 

Us October 29, 2016




Cents Of Style: Thankful, Grateful, and So Very Blessed

As Thanksgiving comes along, we often take time to think about the theme "Thankful."  It's a shame that "Being Thankful" isn't celebrated throughout the year for most people. 

As for my husband, "I appreciated it" has become a phrase he uses a few times a week.  He really does mean it, however, it is sadly because of what he lacked growing up; not just materially but emotionally as well.  From his experiences, I have grown more of an appreciation for all that my parents have done for me.  I've learned to appreciate the relationships I have with my own siblings.  Together we hope to teach our kids to be thankful in their everyday lives and for the simplest gestures.

Simply, I am thankful for Life.  I am thankful I have days to look forward to.  I am thankful I have kids that never let me sleep, because they just want to be with me!

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I am Grateful for my two little surprises!  I never planned on having children, but I am grateful they are mine.

I am Blessed.

I am blessed with an interesting and amazing family growing up and they are still a big part of my life. 

I am blessed with two of the funniest sarcastic cutest monsters in the world. 

I am blessed by being able to spend the rest of my life with my high school sweetheart.  A week ago we just celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary! We've actually been tormenting each other for over 19 years! Haha.  

What makes you feel Thankful.Grateful.Blessed? 

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Fashion Friday Story - 11/4/16- FREE Thankful T-Shirt with any $25 purchase w/code THANKFUL1


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DERMA E Fresh New Look

Sponsored Post

DERMA E is a line of natural skin products at a reasonable price available at Whole Foods, Target, and a number of other stores. 

I am definitely a fan of DERMA E's packaging reboot.  It's a simpler, yet sleeker.  Absolutely more appealing aesthetically.  However, the formulas are the same.  I have actually been a fan of the DERMA E products since my first DERMA E post months ago.

The DERMA E brand is passionate towards health, wellness and evironmental sustainability. Their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.  They do not contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, petrolatum, mineral oil, gluten, soy, GMOs, and most importantly for me there are no artificial colors.  I have known reactions to artificial colors so this is a huge selling point for me! 

Personally, I feel my skin screams help!  This hydrating duo came to the rescue.  I used both the Hydrating Night Creme and Hydrating Day Creme for two weeks and I loved it.  It wasn't greasy like other cremes that boast being hydrating to skin.  It felt so light on my skin, and it left my skin feeling soft and smooth.  Sometimes I would put my makeup on a little after I used the Hydrating day creme and it made my makeup go on smoother and my foundation less heavy.

After my two weeks of use, I can say I am definitely satisfied.  I liked it so much, that DERMA E's Hydrating Day Creme and Hydrating Night Creme is definitely an easy answer for the perfect Holiday gift.       





When my babies were babies...


Cents of Style: Remi Long Sleeve Swing Dress

Finally a dress made for every body type.  I rarely wear dresses pass my knees because I'm not very tall and long dresses look like nightgowns on me.  The Remi Long Sleeve Swing Dressis sooo comfortable, not heavy, and so easy to wear. It comes in many 17 colors and is available in sizes Small-3x. The Remi Swing Dress is $21.95 + Free Shipping with promo code DRESS2016 at checkout.    



I chose the Serenity Blue Color because I love how it will contrast against the colors of the changing fall leaves, how it would stand out against the white winter snow, and how the color is light and airy for when winter turns to spring.  This is definitely a dress for all season. 

I paired the Remi Swing Dress with Cents of Style's Jojo Solid Blanket Scarfin charcoal.  The scarf is light enough to wear around your neck when it's chilly out or as a wrap on those cold season nights.

The Remi Long Sleeve Swing Dress is easy to dress up or down.

*Paired it with leggings and ankle boots to keep you warm and casual. 

*Dressed it up with date-night accessories and heels.

* Wear it with a fitted or loose sweater and show it off as a nice long skirt.

The are so many possibilities!!!

Fashion Friday Story - Long Sleeve Swing Dress for $21.95 + FREE SHIPPING w/code DRESS2016

A few style tips courtesy of Cents of Style

Our Style Tips

*Wear your new swing dress with your go-to pendant necklace and a pair of heels. It's simple and elegant. Hello, holiday parties!
*Plaid! Add a plaid shirt tied around your waist for the ideal festival vibe.
*This dress is an ideal addition to your favorite ankle boots. We're loving this look! (Hint - it pairs well with everything from a plaid shirt, to a vest, to a kimono, to a pendant's the perfect finishing touch.)
*Layer a cute vest over your swing dress. It provides interesting texture and contrast and switches up your look just a little.
*Cold weather is coming! Pair this swing dress with a coordinating blanket scarf, add a great wool fedora and ankle boots, and you have a pulled together look that will keep the chill out too.
*Don't forget our other must-have accessory this Fall & Winter - the kimono. Layer a heavier kimono with a little length over your dress to add a bit of warmth without feeling bulky. You'll be right on trend.

Cents of Style

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Cents of Style Life Is Series...Life Is Beautiful

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

As part of Cents of Style's "Life Is.." campaign, I wanted to show you my "Life Is..." slogan: 

Life Is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful

In 2013 our family suffered 2 unexpected heartbreaking losses.  With those losses, I, like many other people who have lost someone, made promises to embrace life's moments, appreciate those around me and to take care of myself.  For a few months those promises lasted.

Everyday life and stresses made the days pass quicker.  Taking time to look around and feel the beauty of life stopped.  My days were filled with just accomplishing and getting over daily tasks.  I never did get around to take care of my health.  I've had a known thyroid issue for a few years and there have been a few times I would be really sick for unexplained reasons. Soo sick I went to the ER.  I've known of my issues but I had cast them aside to deal with them later.

In October 2014, things changed.  I got sick again, but it was different.  Without going into deeper details.  I thought it was it for me. I felt like my soul was leaving.  All I could think about was that I should have given my children and husband more of me. I could have been so much more for them. 

I got better, but after a few tests they still didn't know what was wrong.  I felt betrayed by my body.  Most days I would stay in my bedroom in the dark.  Going out was difficult.  I would then go back to the ER two more times within 2 months.  The doctors would find different things wrong with my body but not the source of my initial problem.

My January birthday passed and nothing changed.  By February, the birth month of my two children, I decided I wanted to feel life again. With time, the patience and support of my husband and children, and a few huge lifesyle changes, I have gotten better, but I'm not 100% the same.  Now I take the time to appreciate life, even the simplist things. Life is too beautiful to spend it in a dark room all alone in despair.

I chose Life Is Beautiful as my slogan because I truely believe that life is beautiful and should never be taken for granted.

Life Is Beautiful. Life is too beautiful to miss.

Life Is Beautiful.  Be a part of Life's Beauty!

What is your "Life is..." slogan? 

Cents of Style


Seven Magic Mountains





A Day at Julian Mining Company

Julian Mining Company was a very fun and education sidetrip during our trip to San Diego. We did gold mining as well as gem mining, which my kids loved!









There is a cute little store with the coolest items! Like animal shaped slingshots!

There are fun animals.








Summer Staycation: A few days at the Venetian Las Vegas 2016

Lucky for us, my parents get invited to stay at a few amazing hotels for free!  Like any good daughter, I take full advantage of it. Haha.

The Venetian Hotel and Casino is one of my favorite hotels, especially since I spend part of my unplanned wedding day there almost 10 years ago...


I love the pool areas.  It isn't annoyingly overcrowded.  It has a few nice grassy areas with lounge chairs that you can just lay out it.  Most importantly, it's very clean.  There are a few other grotto like pools on the property however, I prefer the main pool area because my youngest is 5 and the main pool area has a great pool for the little ones.







Their "Home Alone" pose!


Don't You Step On My Blue Suede Shoes

Pretty sure Elvis would have loved these Michael Kors shoes!







With the right angle, views can change...


Mother's Day Flashback

A year or two after my daughter was born, on Mother's Day, a few of our friends and family got a big surprise on their front doorstep.  On the front page of the Honolulu Advertiser was a photo of me holding my baby girl.  First, it was a big surprise because I had moved away a year or two before my daughter was born.  Second, it wasn't just on the page but also on the color cover of the Mother's Day Special insert.  It was a nice surprise especially for my own mother.

(I have a history of not telling anyone when I or my family will be in publications, ads, or any media... I like having the surprised sound when they call me up to tell me when I or my family pop up in somthing they saw.)

Since then, that photo and others have popped up not only in Hawaii but in dfferent spots around the USA in calendars, real estate ads, special family events displays/ads, including the backs of a number of San Francisco city buses.

However, this was the first:


It's my baby girl and I.  She and her baby brother still make me smile, even when they make a mess or destroy things.  I always used to say I would never have kids.  Now, I can't imagine the person I would be without them.

I love my little monsters.


Cruising the backroads of America with my buddy Frank...

I'm a fan of the American Pickers and as a road trip joke my husband likes to look over at his passenger's seat at me and say, "I'm cruising the backroads of America with my buddy Frank."  I have no beard, however, I am quite a charmer, who loves to negotiate, bundle, and maybe throw in a little nibble. (Only Picker fans will get that. Lol.)

On our way to celebrate our kids birthdays in Southern California we did take a little detour from our usual route to visit The Bottle Tree Ranch.  Why not? Roadtrips are meant to have unplanned stops.  Nowadays, people seemed so rushed to do things, capture it digitally, share it, and then people move on to rush to the next thing.  I want my kids to enjoy moments, even little kooky ones.

This was only a quick stop, but it was different.

However, it is a little inspirational.  As we left and after our kids fell back asleep, we could not stop talking about ideas we had for our own roadtrip stop that we would create.  Most were throw away ideas about giant adult sculptures, but hey, it was an interested conversation.   

The Bottle Tree Ranch is free to visit and take photos.  Tips are appreciated.    




I miss you Frankie Angel...